Sunday, February 9, 2014

Epic Snow Weekend

Yup...I am using snowboarder language...this weekend was an EPIC winter weekend (I have been watching the Olympics and that Sage dude...).  We got a lot of snow (our first in this mild winter) and it just kept coming! The snow was really light and perfect for playing outside. Mark and I were like gitty kids, taking turns with who got to go outside and play or ski/board down our hill.  Henry came up with an Olympics and we have had a lot of metal ceremonies. Today, the snow is covered in a very thick layer of ice and is scary to go out on -- so not as fun, but beautiful...from inside. The melt is going to be nasty. I have a feeling we have two more days inside. Thank god we have enough space to play in different areas as I a feel a case of the stir crazy may be starting to approach...

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