Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Frances Goes to Preschool!!

Today was a very big day in our household. Frances had her first day of preschool. I knew it was going to be a phenomenal day of firsts when she actually wore the dress that SHE had picked out. Yes, a dress. She also wore the sweet jean jacket she picked out...even though it is in the mid 90s here. Joan Jett - eat your heart out. She also insisted on wearing a flower hair clip...and that I wear one too so that we were twins.

When we got to preschool she was a bit nervous and clingy. BUT...then she found the area with the babies in it and the play began. She also felt very comforted because a tree that Henry had made when he was a preschooler is in the classroom and she remembers it fondly and I think it makes her feel like a piece of him is in the room. Finally, I told her that in five minutes I would need to leave. Three minutes later she told me "Mom, it is time for you to go now". Seriously. I swallowed the lump in my throat and walked out with a equal dose of pride at her independence and sadness that my little girl is now more independent and won't be home with me all day.

When I picked her up,she so proud of herself...and EXHAUSTED. Her teachers said she was very talkative (wonder who she takes after?) and told MANY stories. One teacher said that during recess, she took a break and sat down next to her. After a moment or so Frances turned to her and said "I just LOVE everyone". Classic Frances.

Tonight when putting her to bed I hugged and kissed her and told her that I was so proud of her and how brave she was and that I knew she would be so happy in preschool.

As I reached her door she said "Thank you!". I asked her why she was saying Thank You and she said "For getting me preschool".

A top ten day as a parent.

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Kelley said...

Ridiculously cute Colleen. What a great kid!