Sunday, September 25, 2011

Closer to 40 than I am to 30

I crossed the line...the one that is closer to 40 than 30. Yes, I turned 36. On my last birthday I was a bit worried that I was now officially "advanced maternal age" and hoping that I could get pregnant and have a healthy child. I am thankful and in awe that a year later I have Miss Maggie in our life...even if I now have the lovely pounds of pregnancy to work off. My parents gave me THE BEST present ever...a weekend in San Diego at their place, while they babysat the kids. We had a great time. Mark kept saying how relaxing it was having just a baby -- oh the perspective you have when you have three. We ran on the waterfront, went to the farmers market, a Padres game, and went to a birthday party for my Aunt Pat. I adore my Aunt Pat's daughters, they are like cousins to me, and it was a hysterical night filled with laughter and stories.

On the way home from the birthday 11:30 at night....Mark declared that he had to satisfy his In and Out craving. So, we found one and drove there. It was us....and the 20 year olds who were just starting their night. I felt old and young all at the same time. A really healthy way to kick off my 36th year. On our flight home today the airplane was completely full. Mark is an MVP so he got first class. In a wonderful act of kindness, he gave me the first class ticket. I wasn't going to bring Maggie with me to the fancy schmancy section...but there was another baby I figured I would go for it. It was sheer bliss. I plan on winning the lottery so that I can travel in that fashion from this point forward. 


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I had my experiences there too. And i can say it was unforgettable.
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There are some pretty cool photos there... :)