Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Soccer in the Sand - Henry

Henry also played on a team....with pink shirts.....real men where pink, he told me.  All the kids were from his soccer club and half from Forest Park, so the sidelines were just as fun as it seemed like a big beach party. The boys were in a very competitive bracket and they played AMAZING. The ended up winning too! Henry had a pretty great first day with nine goals and a parent bet him five dollars that he couldn't get 15. As anyone who knows him well knows...bet that boy and have it something to do with a number...and he is in. He scored exactly 15 goals in the two days and got his five bucks :) My favorite part is after winning the championship, Henry orchestrated his team to do the "championship dive" that the Timbers did when they won the MLS cup. Pretty clever and so adroable. Again, while I am thrilled for them that they won, I am most happy about the joyous time that he and the families had there. 

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