Monday, June 20, 2016

Bring on Middle School

After six amazing years, Henry graduated from grade school. He had the most amazing experience and has developed incredible friendships that have lasted since kinder. I have nothing to say but great things about his rich elementary experience. I never attended one school from start to finish - we always moved - and I am so impressed with the strength of his community. While I am emotional about this graduation, he is making it so much easier as he is SO pumped about middle school. He can't wait. My favorite part of the ceremony was the whole school and then parents "Clapped them out" of the school. Tear jerker.  That night we had a 5th grade party it was so fun to see he is enterring the "tween years" of hanging with his friends....but still also thinking mom is cool to hang with too. We will see how long  that lasts....

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