Friday, June 3, 2016

End of Era - So Thankful

Maggie had her last day of preschool and with that ended our families's wonderful experiences at Opal. Maggie had an incredible year with incredible teachers and an incredible community. The end of the year really went off with a bang as they designed bugs that had super powers and created a whole world around them. Maggie's bug is Lulu and her super power is Love -- she spreads love and makes people feel better. Wow.

I will admit that I was a total sobbing hot mess. It started when I awoke and I cried the whole way home. A founder of the school, Caroline, had all three of our kids and has had such an immeasurable impact on each of our children and on Mark and myself as parents. I will be forever thankful for her.  Maggie's other teacher Tara was astounding - she so loved Maggie and understood her - what a gift. I am so glad we chose Opal for their preschool - one of the best decisions I think we will have made for our children and their development. Beyond blessed.

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