Sunday, January 19, 2014

Dog Show......and School Buses

As you may recall, last year I made a VERY last minute decision to go to the dog show. Since we were so late last year, we pulled up and parked in front and I took the kids in what they were wearing to see the last "Best in Show" presentation....only to realize that Maggie had a shirt with a cat on it. BIG DOG SHOW NO, NO!. This year, we went during the regular hours, Mark was with us, and all the kids had clothing with a dog on it. It was AWESOME and hilarious. The kids LOVED seeing the dogs and I loved soaking in the whole atmosphere - the exhibitor stands are AMAZING -- as in, holy cow, someone makes that (DO not miss reading the details of the dog walking jacket above....I mean amazing...a special pocket for the dog poop bags, a clip for the leash...and so much more). This year we had to park in the spectator parking and take a school bus. Not gonna lie to you, even with how much she LOVES dogs, I honestly think taking the school bus  - like a big girl - was Maggie's FAVORITE part. Mark said he is had his fill of dog show for a couple of years, so it looks like it will be back to me and the kiddos next year. 

My Ball of Joy

My favorite, favorite thing about Frances is how her energy and joy can literally change the entire feeling in a room. That is how she is at basketball. She gets SO excited and so exuberant about makes other people just smile. She was VERY excited at the end of practice yesterday as after a team vote -- her teammates picked the team name she suggested....The Watermelons. Fierce. 

Side note: Her current favorite song, that she makes me TURN UP every time it comes on....Pink....the chorus "You gotta get up and try, try, try....You gotta get up and try". The irony is not lost on me. 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sometimes I feel like I need to go back to grade school

During half time I walked around the grade school where Henry's games were being played. MAGIC. The kids had written inspirational poems and then cited stories of their own. Inspiring and hilarious at the same time. 

Player Pledge

As part of the league Henry is in they have the players read a pledge. It may sound corny and some of the kids don't take it serously (they LOSE it every time they vow not to do alcohol or drugs), but I LOVE it. I think it is a great reminder of what they are there -to have fun, work hard, to respect their team and coach. Each game a kid volunteers and Henry volunteered today. He rocked it. I was proud...I volunteered to do the parent pledge.

Papas B-Day

Amazingly, my parents were in town for my father's bday. So, we had him over for dinner. We even got him his favorite cake from Beaverton Bakery. I got horrible pictures, but trust me, it was fun. I am so proud to call Jimbo my dad. My kids are SO lucky to have him for a Papa.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Welcome to Our House Tooth Fairy

Henry never allowed the tooth fairy to come to the house. To put it bluntly, he thought it was a bit odd that we would let some "fairy" he never met into his room, while he slept. No thank you. She can keep her dollar and he will keep is tooth.

Frances lost her tooth today. I was extremely emotional about it - not sure why, but I seriously can't believe she is old enough to lo

se a tooth. She was ALL OVER the tooth fairy coming and leaving some goods. Stranger in her room? Whatever, as long as she leaves some dough.

Mama Date Night

It is the last Saturday before winter break ends. BOO!! I don't want the kids to go back to school. I love having them to play with. We had Blazer game tickets and I didn't want Mark to take one of the kids as I thought they should start going to bed earlier to get ready for school. So, I bought tickets to Peter Pan - MAMA DATE. We went to a favorite pasta place first and then to the theater. IT WAS AWESOME. Even Maggie sat through the whole thing completely and totally mesmerized(except for one scene with pirates, where she crawled under the bench) .Of course, the play went late, we had to take pictures with our favorite characters, and had to get the ice cream I promised. I didn't get them to bed until 9:30 and let Henry watch the end of the Blazer game with me (BRUTAL end, by the way). Oh well --- intentions were good, but life took over.

Family Play Date

The weather forecast was for sun and for the first time in a LONG time we had nothing to do all day until the evening. WHAT? Free time? What is that?

We decided to take the kids on a bike ride on the Vernonia-Banks trail. MAGICAL. Really cold - but awesome. At one point we went up a dirt trail and hiked a mile to the summit for the view point. I felt very Jim Peck -- I kept telling the kids it was around the corner...and then another corner would appear. Overall, they did great - with minimal whining. Frances only gave me a heart attack once on her bike, when she chose to ride (not walk) her bike down the muddle hill and she couldn't get slippery feet on the pedals to break. HEART ATTACK. Mark caught her at the last minute.

After the bike ride and hike we had to end it in true healthy fashion -- at Helvetia Tavern with a burger and fries. Again, I am Jim Peck's daughter.

I now get why my dad wanted us to hike so much with him. There is a magical thing that happens when you are just walking with your kids in the middle of nowhere. Henry held my hand and giggled at stories. Frances puffed with pride when she hit the top of the hill. Maggie loved her snacks on the bench with her siblings.  I get it now Dad.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Good Day on a Bad Day

The anniversary of Andrew's death always sucks. No way around it. Thankfully, I didn't have to work today and the kids didn't have school!!!!!!! So, we had a playdate/day. So awesome. We met up with Brookie and Oscar at the park, went to an art studio, and met Mark for lunch.  We ended the day with a Henry's soccer game....and he scored five goals. Andrew would have loved that.