Sunday, June 9, 2013

And HE is up!

Poor Henry, the first child....we went about teaching him to ride a bike the WRONG way. He fell, and vowed to never try again. Over the years we have tried to "bait" him into having another go and his response was always "it is not my sport". I tried to explain that biking was not a sport, it was a mode of transportation. Not having it. Until...............Miss Frances rode a bike last week. Well, last night he spent the night "scooting" and today he achieved a big goal. I was so proud of him. He fell, and got right back up. He went into bushes and brushed off the dust. 


Zineb Bouslahmi said...

I love your blog, keep doing, good luck.
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Michelle said...

Good job, Henry! I can relate - last time I went drinking with your mom late at night a poodle chased me home on my bike and it was very scary. So hard to get back out there but you are an inspiration to us all!