Monday, October 8, 2012

Frances's Handsome Hair Cut

Frances had her first hair cut. In the past, her hair was so curly that I could cut it and none of the imperfection would show (yes me...and my wonderful missing attention to detail when it comes to personal appearance). But, we had reached the end of that road.

I decided to take her to Bishops as I had heard that they have skateboards nailed to the wall and Frances wants to be a skateboarder. It worked. She was instantly at home.

She sat down in the chair and told the woman that she wanted a "Handsome Haircut (insert look of confusion)......and then Frances she said "like my brother". 

Yup -- that about summs it up. I explained that meant short, but she still had to have it long enough to "tuck" her hair behind her ears as she refused to wear hair clips or a ponytail.

Classic Frances.

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The Wells Family Antics said...

This is 100% Angela as well! Will not let anyone else cut her hair and if you call her ANYTHING but handsome she FREAKS out!