Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fall Family Weekend

I think we may have a new family tradition. Jenny has been coming down the last few years at the end of October as her kids have school off. Last year Katie brought Olivia out too. This year, we rented a house in Hood River and Katie brought out Christian. It was wonderful. The kids played for hours, had dance off (Frances won with a wicked dance that involved taking off her shirt and spinning it like a lasso and slapping her tush), and overall incredible time. My sister Katie laughed so hard she snorted and Jenny was crying. Jimbo got to take the kids on his special adventure that he always does in HR -- to Betty's for breakfast, and Jenny, Mark and me went running. When we left our cousins, Henry cried in the car for 45 minutes and said I was a "meanie" for separating him from his cousins.


Brooke said...

The picture of Frances with Mary is awesome. It looks like she's dancing a jig. And I love the pic with your sisters. Super cute.

Michelle said...

Great pictures - love those big memory-making family gatherings :)