Friday, September 10, 2010

It's Official -- We have a Kindergartner!!!!

HOLY CRAP - He did it. Henry is in grade school.I have to say, it was hands down one of the proudest moments that Mark and I have had as parents. Our sweet, sensitive fella was so brave. He did great!

In usual Henry style he observed EVERYTHING about the drop off and immediately figured out the rules and process and asked when he didn't understand. You could tell he was nervous..and excited...and he jumped right in.

Francie thought that she too was going to Kindergarten. She wore her backpack, tried to sit down in class, and basically tried to stay.

I waited until I got to the car....and then cried. This immediately freaked Francie out so I had to pull it together. During our "alone time" Francie must have asked me where Henry was about 20 times. A couple of times when I told her "at school", her response was "I don't like it".

At pick up, Henry beemed. He LOVED it. He LOVED his teacher, loved the cafeteria, loved two recesses, loved the reading and writing...etc etc. He also LOVED seeing his sister again. They hugged for two minutes and then he was so kind and caring with her -- sharing his lunch, hugging her, telling her all about it. When I asked if he missed her, he said "I little Franciedoodle". Heart melt.

Wow. Such a big milestone for him...and I guess for me and Mark. Wow.


dana said...

Go Henry! How exciting and awesome. His relationship with Francie makes me want another baby. Someday.

Brooke said...

Yay!!! The picture at his desk is the best.

Michelle said...

Henry looks like he's ready to take on the world! Congrats to you guys.