Sunday, September 26, 2010

Advanced Maternal Age of Friday I am officially advanced maternal age. Ugh. Not gonne lie - me no likie. I am telling myself the "advanced" part just means that if we are lucky enough to have a third someday, I will be "advanced" in my knowledge about babies...right?

We spent my birthday doing one of my favorite Fall activities - we went to watch the Swifts at Chapman School. (Before that Henry had his first soccer game -- with Mark as the asst. coach -- so fun!) Joanie came too and gave me a rockin purse...gotta love hip mamas.Saturday we went on a awesome hike on Sauvie's Island...but forgot the camera.


Brooke said...

Of course you're 'advanced' - you've been that way your whole life, miss smarty pants. It means you're brilliant.

dana said...

Advanced: at or close to the state of the art; enhanced; something that has moved forward in time or space