Monday, January 2, 2017

Hood River Bliss

Mark and I took the week of the work. We hadn't really planned much, so the Friday before I checked the Best Western in Hood River to see if they had an opening since they take dogs. Amazingly they had a room and it was under 100 dollars. We hit on a jack pot. The hotel has a heated pool and it was like a frat party for kids. We got to go sledding in unbelievable weather, I got to take Mac on a long and lovely hike, and then the next day Frances and Mark got to ski. When we went to pick them up, Mark suggested I use his boots and jacket and ski some runs myself. For the first time ever I am so thankful for my huge feet. I hadn't skied since having kids, even thought it was something we used to do almost every week in the winter pre-kids. SO FUN.

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