Saturday, September 24, 2016

NYC Girls Trip

My girlfriends from college get together every Fall and I often can't make it. This year they picked NYC and this year I decided I had to make it happen. I am SO THRILLED I did. I got there Thursday night and got to have dinner with my dear friend Josh and his new wife - who I adore! Friday am I got to run in Central Park (one of my favorite things in the whole world) and then the weekend of my college girl friends kicked off. I LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! those women. They are smart, witty, thoughtful and just amazing. When we got back one my girlfriends sent this article and it so resonated with what the weekend was for me:

I am so thankful that I was able to go and that my incredible husband was easily able to handle three kids in soccer season and a 10 month old puppy with grace and even had the house clean when I got back. I am also thankful for the amazing support of my parents and Gordon to help babysit and make it possible.

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