Monday, September 5, 2016

Maggie's 1st Day

Maggie is in grade school. I feel like I have to repeat it about ten times so that I believe it. What. Is. Happening. She has the same teacher as Henry and Frances for Kinder - so that helps. That said, she really doesn't know Henry did...which is a little tricky as she knows kids in the other kinder classes. That said, she was SO excited and so eager to get there. She got her brand new backpack...with dogs on it...and pink...of course...and off she went. She got right in line, got into the class...and then nervousness hit. All the parents in the room, the size of the class, kids she didn't know. I could tell she was about to cry, but she kept it together. I left...and I kept it together....until I got home to Henry...I started telling him...and promptly lost it crying.  He had to console me. My mom came with me to pick up and Maggie was ALL SMILES and loved her first day. She even got to see a dog at the end of the the school!!

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