Sunday, July 10, 2016

My Tough Girl

Every night we went to the beach for sunset. The kids developed a new game they called "Beach American Ninja Warrior" that involved a lot of jumping...and sand... all over!!!!! After I walked back with Henry and we stopped at a store to get something. When we got to our street I could hear the crying and honestly figured it was an over-tired Maggie. We walked in and saw it was Frances and knew that it had to be serious. After taking a picture of it and sending it to three doctors in our family, at 10:45 Frances and I drove to a town 40 minutes away to get stitches. She was a major trooper. of course, she had sand EVERYWHERE and left a huge pile on the scale. I honestly think the "hurt" of not being able to swim or play soccer for two weeks was more painful to her than the four stiches in her knee.

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