Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Camp Out at Our Golf Club

Our golf club at a "family" camp out on the golf course. Mark and I debated for a while and then finally decided to go for it. SO FUN!

They had:
1) Games for the kids to play
2) Stocked the pond with fish for fishing
3) Smores at night with two fire pits
4) Outdoor movie
5) BBQ dinner
6) beverages...like margaritas and wine for parents
7) A bathroom...a real one....
8) Warm breakfast the next morning

We had a blast. It was particularly cute as many kids were there with their grandparents, who are the members.

The only hiccup was that Frances, who got her stitches out that am, stepped on a hornets nest while fishing and looking for golf balls in the water and she got stung 12 times. OUCH. Sweet Mark, who was with her when she got attacked, got stung six times trying to get the bees off her. 

Thankfully that girl is tough as nails and she managed to recover before bedtime.

Definitely a new annual tradition....the fake camping on a golf course...not the bee stings....

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