Saturday, December 12, 2015


Anyone that has been around our family, knows we are big Timbers Fan. This year they made it to the MLS Championship!! after a bit of rough start.

One of my favorite memories growing up was when the Lakers went to the finals - twice - and my mom took me and  my brother. I remember all the playoff games, the special rituals that my brother and I had, and I really remember the drives up to LA - from San Diego - and the games with my mom.  The amount of detail that has stuck related to these memories tells me there was something magical about it and something that resonated - to my core - of our family time together. 

That said, I feel like our kids are having the same experience...although I would say it 10x better as I LOVE the Timbers feel and I think it is so rooted in the many things that I love about the Northwest.....I mean, the mascot is Timber Jo and he saws a piece of a log for each player that scores or for the goal keeper if he shuts out the game.....they have locally made food stands at the game.... they have locally made chocolate that is sold at the game and beer from the city..... a little different than the LA vibe.

Henry had a basketball tournament the day of the game. Slightly stressful. We decided that Mark would stay home and Henry and I left early and went to a sports pub -- much research done - to see the 1st half. My dad came too. Amazingly, we saw all the goals scored in the Henry was less emotional about missing the 2nd half.

To say our family was elated that they won was understatement.

When the time came to go to the parade or rally - we were in. Unfortunately, i couldn't miss work for the parade, so we did the rally. IT WAS AWESOME. Only bummer was Henry was sick and couldn't go...but we Facetimed him and it was being streamed live on our local news.

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