Thursday, December 17, 2015

Honor to Honor Her Idol

Two weeks ago Fox Sports contacted us to see if Frances would be interesting in taping a video to honor Abby Wambach as part of her final game. I asked Frances, noted it may be national television, and without a hiccup she said YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

The made sure to inform us a bunch of times that they would not gaurantee it would be part of the live broadcast, but the video would be presented to Abby to help her understand the impact she has had on her friends.

I taped the video in our office -just me and Frances and I was blown away. She had such poise, was so articulate, and her kindness and enthusiasm come through.

That said, I braced her for the "harshness of hollywood" (hee hee) and said "it will be what it will be, the most important part is that your idol will see it and know how much you mean to her".

We all sat down to watch the broadcast. When it came time to show the fan video, I have to admit I got butterflies for her. I had prepared to not be in it, but I could tell she wanted to be in it..... AND SHE WAS!!!!!!!!!!!! To view that one you go

She was so proud of herself...and honestly, that was my favorite. My daughter got to publicly acknowledge a woman who has had such a wonderful impact on her and on the sport she loves. Pretty fricken cool.

The link above to is too all fifty fans and their full videos. 

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