Saturday, October 31, 2015

EPIC Halloween 2015

This year the kids went at Nat Borchers - plays for the Timbers, Abby Wambach - played for the US Womens Soccer team, just retired, most scores of ANY professional soccer play, and Ladybug Girl. Mark went to the Blazer game and it was POURING, so I wasn't SUPER jazzed to go out. That said, this summer we learned that Abby Wambach - who all the kids adore - lived in our neighborhood. From the moment we found out, the kids wanted to go there for Trick or Treating. On the way there, I reminded them that she had been travelling a lot lately and was likely not there.....and then she was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Her wife opened the door and yelled to Abby to come. She raised her hands and jumped up and down when she saw Frances and then asked if it would be ok if she got her phone so that she could take a selfie with them..... UM YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Frances skipped the rest of the night and I had tears in my eyes in excitement for her.

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