Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Wine Weekend with College Friends

We had a pretty awesome celebration of our wedding anniversary this year -- we got to go to the Oregon Wine Country with friends from college. The two men that came out knew Mark and I when we met...which is 21 years ago...so we have long and fun history together. I have to say, every time we meet up with college friends I am just stunned how  easy it is to hang out together even though we live in different places and how funny and smart they are -- I am not really sure I appreciated how magical college was when I was in it, but now that I see the amazing group of people we were able to be with for four incredible years, I just feel so lucky. Thankfully, each is with a wonderful woman who is also funny and smart and can handle us reminiscing for hours.... Thankfully, this beautiful part of Oregon did not disappoint our friends from Vermont and Maryland. It was gorgeous, the wine spectacular, and the food phenomenal. 

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