Friday, February 6, 2015

Our Tough Bug

We are in the thick of basketball season. Henry had a tournament this past weekend with games starting at 8 am and coach wanting them there at 7...ouch. Of course Henry was THRILLED and really pumped. 

They played well and made it the championship game, which was very close. They ended up winning - but to me, that wasn't the best part of the experience. 

Henry is the point gaurd, which is a lot of responsibility on his shoulders. I have to say, I got emotional on the sidelines watching him. He plays with such poise, calmness and true love of the game. There are definitely some drawbacks to sports, but the benefits he is reaping ten fold. He is learning about true "toughness" as his coach says, which is really more about true character and work ethic and I love that his coach is about adamant about teaching that first. He is learning about the power of a team - with people who have very different skills and strengths - something I feel like I deal with daily at work. He is learning how to control is nerves. Most importantly. he is having the time of his life.....which then, makes me eternally grateful and having a pretty good time too.

 The week after the tournament the coach let Henry take home the trophy!!! He said it was because Henry was MVP and deserved it. I have to say, I have never seen Henry so filled with was a tear jerker moment. He was go careful with the trophy on the car ride home and when he walked in, he kissed it and said "You're home baby".

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