Saturday, February 14, 2015

Memory for Lifetime

At Christmas time Henry played a "bracket" of his favorite songs. Meghan Trainor had two of his top five. I looked to see if she was coming to town...and she was....on Feb 13th......but the show was sold out. I told my mom. The next day I got a text from my mom that read "OMG...OMG....CALL ME". Normal text from a 68 year old. Turns out, she went on Stub Hub and got tickets for him for Christmas.....and she bought three as she wanted to go too. Seriously, I have the most fun loving mom ever. 

The concert was last night. It was a little frustrating in that it was in one big room and poor Henry couldn't see the stage. So.....I hoisted him on my back and held him most of the concert. That said, she was AWESOME. It was only the 2nd concert of her tour and she really talked with the crowd and has a pretty insane voice...for that kind of music :) The best was how excited Henry was to hear all the songs and to sing every word....alongside his mom and grandma. Pretty fun memory.

I need a new phone -- pictures were horrible...and frankly I was more focused on holding Henry up..... so memories are in my  head  :)

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