Sunday, December 7, 2014

Thank God for No Power

October and November were incredible intense for work and my kids felt it.  I had a business trip to Baltimore for work - and from there, pretty much turned in the grant - and came back at 1am on Weds night. Maggie woke up with a nightmare at 5am and I noticed the power was out...and then prayed it wouldn't come back on . It didn't. School had no power, but they kept classes on, that said, they said it was up to the parents. I skipped with joy that I could keep my kids home and play. So, Henry and Frances went with me to take Maggie to school. She LOVED showing them her school and they loved going down memory lane and I loved getting my kids back to myself and skipping work. Henry and Frances and I decided to stay at the museum and play. They are seriously so funny.

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