Sunday, December 21, 2014

Date Night

I took the whole two weeks off that the kids have off of school to play. A while back we started planning out fun things to do. I asked my mom if I could have a "date night" with the kids and stay at their Loft downtown. Hilariously,  Frances said the city is "too noisy for her to sleep" and she wants to have a ski date instead. Henry, on the other hand, sprinted for the opportunity. Per his guidance, we went to Piazza Italia for dinner - an amazing Italian place that has soccer stuff EVERYwhere; a movie;  and then parked at the Loft and went to Powells at 9:15. He was hilarious. He couldn't believe he was out walking around so late..and gitty with excitement...and my favorite part...strutting, and holding my hand. The slightly hilarious part is there was Santa pub crawl going on. So drunk Santa's EVERYWHERE. Kind of funny and kind of scary.  When he walked into Powells he said " third home...behind my real home and a soccer field". The kid is hilarious. On the way home we found a big mistletoe and took a selfie. This am I woke up and got him one of the best croissants in the city - his favorite food. He told me his favorite part was snuggling at night and reading in bed.  SO priceless. 

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