Friday, July 11, 2014

Damian Lilliard Fan

You cannot have escaped this season of the Blazers and NOT be a Damian Lilliard fan. He works hard, is passionate, and made a history making three pointer with 9 seconds left. So, when our club sponsored his FIRST camp the kids were IN! We have gone to other camps where the star player is really only there for a bit. Not with Damian. He was there early every day. Wore the same clothes as every other coach. As Henry said "He was a gentleman mom, he shook everyone's hand at the beginning and the end". Frances was the only girl in her group....and she thought that was great.  The last day he promised each kid an autograph and each kid a picture. We were there for two hours for our kids to get their turn and there was still a line and he wasn't leaving -- even though camp was "closed" for 1.5 at that point. Overall, it was a really good experience. I liked Damian as a player before, but now I really like him as a person. So fun when it works out that way. 

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