Sunday, July 14, 2013

War Okoboji

Four houses down we discovered an annual tradition in Okoboji that I won't be able to explain. Long story short, this man does a "mock war" that he creates thousand (yes, thousands) of pretend houses and bombs and aircraft. Don't ask. The day before the kids asked him about it and after his explanation (which I really can't put words too) they were hooked. They showed up at his door at 7:30 and helped him for three hours set up. This year it was reenactment of the events in Libya (again...don't ask...I could not do the explanation justice). The kids were part of the 11:00 AND 1:00 show. They may say it was the highlight of their fourth.  At the end, he let each kid pick two things to take home. Lucky us got to send home planes and tanks...good times. 

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