Sunday, July 14, 2013

Reuland Reunion

Most of Gordon's family still live in the Okoboji area, so we had BBQs every night. It was really fun to see all the cousins and to have our children meet their Iowa relatives.  Everyone was so sweet and kind and showed such excitement to meet them. I also appreciated how much they seemed to enjoy each child's different personalities. One night, Gordon's sister brought jewelry from her mom (Grandma Eloise  -- who Frances is named after for her middle name) and let us pick somethings to take. Very sentimental and very gracious. I love my bracelet and necklace. Eloise was a lovely, spunky and outspoken person -- an unforgettable soul that I feel lucky each child has a memento from.  As you can see, Frances had so much fun one night, she passed out, in the middle of the party. 

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