Sunday, October 28, 2012

Syncline Winery

After our hike we decided to head to a local winery in the Gorge. It was so idyllic. Gorgeous setting, chairs within the vineyard, bocce ball to distract the kids, dogs to make Maggie giggle and laugh, and tasty wine. We were very thankful that my dad doesn't drink because all of us participated in the tasting while Jimbo babysat. Perfect. 

Fall Family Weekend

I think we may have a new family tradition. Jenny has been coming down the last few years at the end of October as her kids have school off. Last year Katie brought Olivia out too. This year, we rented a house in Hood River and Katie brought out Christian. It was wonderful. The kids played for hours, had dance off (Frances won with a wicked dance that involved taking off her shirt and spinning it like a lasso and slapping her tush), and overall incredible time. My sister Katie laughed so hard she snorted and Jenny was crying. Jimbo got to take the kids on his special adventure that he always does in HR -- to Betty's for breakfast, and Jenny, Mark and me went running. When we left our cousins, Henry cried in the car for 45 minutes and said I was a "meanie" for separating him from his cousins.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Harvest Festival in HR

We made our annual trek to Hood River for the Harvest Festival. Even in rain, the place stays magical. I was convinced the universe was telling us to go, despite the rain, as the sun followed us along the highway and to the pumpkin farm....and then it rained....but then sun came back.  Frances choose a VERY interesting outfit today. That said, she looked appropriate in Hood River -- she looked like a snowboarder from Government Camp that came down for some good beer...foreshadowing? Henry's BFF from school was also there, which was a special treat.  Last year Maggie was just a little bundle in the Bjorn and this year she was stepping on pumpkins. Oh the difference a year makes!

Friday, October 19, 2012


Jimbo went big this year with Blazer tickets and got them right behind the visitors bench. To say that Henry is ELATED is a minor statement. That said, apparently my dad ran into some issues at the first game and let his "sale rep" know about it......and today they called to apologize and gave us courtside tickets!! Unfortunately Dad was out of town, so we kindly took the tickets (hee hee). It was hilarious. At one point the mascot pretended kiss and hug Frances. When he left she said "I was freaking out Mom". Henry thought the whole thing was pretty awesome. 

Friday, October 12, 2012

2012 Apple Festival

Fall is must mean that it is time for the apple festival! NUMMY! Brookie met us with us sweet Oscar and we braved the rain. H and F loved the apples and Henry came up with an elaborate rating system.....Maggie threw apple pieces and tried to escape....pretty normal Reuland outing.   Check out the kids three years ago below. Just a bit different.....

Monday, October 8, 2012

Frances's Handsome Hair Cut

Frances had her first hair cut. In the past, her hair was so curly that I could cut it and none of the imperfection would show (yes me...and my wonderful missing attention to detail when it comes to personal appearance). But, we had reached the end of that road.

I decided to take her to Bishops as I had heard that they have skateboards nailed to the wall and Frances wants to be a skateboarder. It worked. She was instantly at home.

She sat down in the chair and told the woman that she wanted a "Handsome Haircut (insert look of confusion)......and then Frances she said "like my brother". 

Yup -- that about summs it up. I explained that meant short, but she still had to have it long enough to "tuck" her hair behind her ears as she refused to wear hair clips or a ponytail.

Classic Frances.