Saturday, May 19, 2012

11 Month Maggie

Miss Maggie is 11 months! 

The baby books all say that you can "start to really see your child's personality" at this age. Umm....yeah....we got another pistol.....and I LOVE it. 
Maggie is an adventurous little ball of smiles with a curiosity for almost everything and a desire to "talk about" it while she explores. She is HILARIOUS. She is a walking maniac...and she apparently sees no stairs, steps, etc. Therefore, like Frances, she constantly has a bruise on her face. Her smile is the is the perfect mixture of bubbly happiness...with a little bit of mischief thrown inside.

Henry at 11 Months:

Frances at 11 Months:

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Меланхолик said...

Beatiful child! Happy for you!