Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lunching Ladies....

Friday was lovely weather, so jumped on the opportunity to go to lunch. Kris and Auntie KK are in town and then Brookie hasn't started her job yet ( so we were all ladies with a free afternoon.

The kids LOVED playing with Auntie KK and Aunt Brookie and I loved being able to chill with Maggie under an umbrella. Frances was particularly hilarious at the pool -- the girls is a dare devil in the water. It was an all together awesome time.

Margaret Turns 1 Month!

Miss Maggie turned 1 month. Holy moly. It has been a great month. She is a sweet baby -- very smiley and already talking. Lucky Mark & Henry ....looks like they will have THREE very talkative women in the house. Above Maggie, are pictures of Henry (white onesie with the green "1") and Frances at 1 month (on the play mat).

Frederick, Phil & Jewels

Henry had a camp this week that was put on by the creative, incredible people who founded Opal (his preschool). The camp was focused on creating animal dolls using different mediums. The camp was for children 7 and up, but they agreed to let Henry come if I helped him. We signed up when I pregnant and decided this would be a fun "date week" for he and I to have together. It was AWESOME.

He made three things:
1) Frederick the dog.
2) Phil the dragon
3) Jewels the cat.

Not gonna lie, I learned a lot. The teachers know how craft-challenged I am and congratulated me on my week and what I learned. I told them that I thought I was better person from the week. I adored the time with him in this creative space - he is such a wonderful soul.

Have I mentioned that I love maternity leave?

Grammy Kris Meets Maggie

Grammy Kris is here to meet Maggie and play with the kids. She has already taught Henry soduko (spelling?) and I can tell this will be a shared love between them. She also has had some lovely mornings alone with Frances, spent exploring the neighborhood and doing the puzzles. The kids are happy to have her here!

Plate & Pitchfork 2011

One of my favorite things about summer is Plate and Pitchfork ( This year we managed to get tickets for a dinner for which one of the chefs was Leather Storrs...a favorite of mine who I minorly have crush on. The dinner was held at Sun Gold Farm, a lovely family-owned farm in Forest Grove. Mark's mom (who is in town) and my mom babysat, affording us a treasured night on our own (with Maggie in tow). We went with Dan and Emily and had an INCREDIBLE time. Both of us are in "the thick" of having newborns, so we "get each other" nd the phase of life we are in and both treasured the night out. My cheeks hurt from smiling so much and the food was NUMMY. Maggie was awesome....she slept in the Bjorn the whole time and woke for dessert - perfect timing. One of the chefs even proposed to his girlfriend!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Waking up!

Yesterday we had to drop off Henry at a camp at the bottom of a trail, so Frances and I decided to go on a hike with Maggie. Frances on a hike, without Henry, is hilarious (as is Frances on a hike WITH Henry). She was talking to the plants.

Maggie is really a cute little baby - her temperament so far is very sweet. She is VERY alert and seems to love to be outdoors (yahoo!). Her startled face (see above -- this was caused by Frances shouting "LADYBUG GIRL" is really funny and Mark does an awesome impression).
She started smiling a week ago and I forgot how much that instantly makes your heart melt -- I love these moments of falling in love with a new little human being.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Meeting the Peeps

Now that we are back in town, we have had lots of fun playdates/dinners with our friends to have them meet Maggie. We also got to go the Mississippi Street Fair (one my photos though) and squeezed in a hike to Pittock Mansion with Brookie. Have I mentioned I love maternity leaves?

Last night we had dinner with our dear friends Dan and Emily and their daughters Ellie (almost 2) and Josie (3 months). Francie has really taken to Ellie...a bit more than Ellie has taken to her. Frances will tell you - Ellie is her friend. When I told her that Josie and Maggie were almost the same age, she said "So they will be friends like Ellie and me?". Yes, I responded. Her reply, "Like a Hamburger and a Hot Dog". No joke.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hiking with Maggie

We decided that at 2.5 weeks old it was time to take Maggie for her first hike. She did great, she said the view of Mark's chest in the Bjorn was gorgeous.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July

Fourth of July in Manzanita is kind of hilarious as there is nothing more classic than a small town parade. Henry is particularly funny as he feels compelled to yell cheers of support for each parade participant...things like "I like your bike" OR "Nice wheels" are examples of things that he yells out. The key to the Manzanita parade, for the kids, is the candy that everyone throws....90% of which is a choking hazard. I am going to the parade out. Henry has counted his candy inventory and created a spreadsheet (not joking) of how many he has of each candy.

The fireworks were great this year...but didn't start until 10 PM...which kind of a killer for a parent of newborn. At first Francie was scared of the loud sounds...but then she warmed up and was in heaven. She must have yelled "Happy Fourth of July!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" about 25 times during the firework show.

Brookie and Joshie in Da House

We have had another SUPER, SUPER exciting, life changing event in our lives this month...Brookie and Josh moved to Portland. WAHOO!!!!! They came down to the beach for the night and the kids were in heaven. Henry asked Francie last night if she was going to be Joshie's 2nd wife...after Brooke. Maggie is already taken with her Auntie Brookie...she took a very long nap on her and seemed in heaven.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Maggie Meets the Beach

We came down to the beach house for the 4th of July weekend.

Packing the car and getting everyone ready was really the first time that it hit me that three kids is going to be a bit harder than two -- holy moly the amount of stuff that needs to be packed. I am quickly realizing that I think we may need a new car....the Pacifica is not cutting it....and I fear a mini-van or suburban may be in our future. That said, we finally got the kids in the car..ready to take a fed....and the battery was dead. No joke. After resolving that issue, we finally got the on the freeway only to get stuck in horrific traffic...which made the car stop...which made Maggie and Francie wake up...which forced us to pull over into a farm so I could nurse Maggie...seriously, classic Griswald. The farmer came out and asked if we were ok...only to see me bearing my chest...classy. Mark and I reached the point where we thought everything was hilarious.

That said, when we got here -- it was magical. The sun was out and the kids and we were in heaven. After dinner, we decided it was time for Maggie to meet the beach. We think she liked it. Hopefully so, as we plan to spend a big part of our summer here. Me likie maternity leave....

Check out Joanie's version of "holding the baby" while she checks her Facebook.