Friday, April 30, 2010

Outfit Coordination

On Weds. Henry wore his Ducks Jersey. Weds night he was adamant that he was going to wear it on Thursday. I tried to explain that same shirt + 2 days in row = gross ....but he wasn't hearing it. He said that he and Lizzi had "a plan". We walk into the classroom yesterday and they ran to each other like star crossed lovers. Hysterical. They were so proud of their coordination.

Go Blazers....

Henry and I got to go the Blazer game. During the day, Papa had the great idea to make a sign with Henry. As to be expected, the central theme of the sign was the numbers. Despite the loss, we had a great time. Henry and I did our best to get on the big screen with her poster...but no luck. Next season....

p.s. See that lovely HUGE green container in front of the house...yeah....the construction has started. We have another HUGE garbage bin and a porta-potty in our front lawn. Nothing but class for the Reuland Family.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Like Totally Rad

My friend Jen hosted an 80s party to benefit CHAP. I was on the fence about whether we should go....but then Annemarie (one of my favorite friends who lives in Japan) came home for a month and she was really excited about it. SO...we went...Mark, me, Annemarie and her sister Liz and her boyfriend Jerome. HYSTERICAL. Despite my last minute planning -- literally buying the crimp iron at 6:30 the night of - it went well. My favorite moments included when Mark "walked like an Egyptian" and Annemarie sprinted, leaping and screaming at the same time, from the bar to the dance floor when Bon Jovi's Living on a Prayer came on. Why wasn't junior high as fun as last night? I am now trying to get the fluorescent pink nail polish off my nails and it is not going well....

Inflatable Kingdom

We are in the thick of birthday party season. Four out of the last eight weekends have been at Inflatable Kingdom or Pump it Up. Previously we haven't taken Francie. However, Mark went to the Blazer playoff I took her. I had to tell a minor "white lie" that she was two. Holy cow. The girl loved it. She was going on slides five year olds were too scared to go down.

Gertie and Her Homie

I am not sure why, but this picture cracks me up. Could the two of them be any different?

Friday, April 23, 2010

Dinner Party

Grandpa and Papa came over for birthday dinner for Henry on Weds. He got great presents and cards...and most importantly hugs from all/ Lots of them involved basketball and the blazers. The night before Mark and I stayed up until 1am setting up a basketball game like they have at arcades with two hoops, sound affects, etc. It was ten quintessential night of being a parent and "cramming last night". We, of course, had to test it out that night too.....I have feeling that this may be the new nightime activity when the kids go asleep. The picture above is from when Henry saw it...nothing better. His cake was a golf cake. Sensing a theme?

Henry is 5!!

After days of celebration, on 4/21 Henry actually turned 5. WAHOO. A bit surreal. He had his birthday celebration at school, which is just ADORABLE. Each kid says what they "notice" about Henry and then they wish him something for his birthday, while holding a "wish monster" that eats up the wish and that Henry takes home. Too cute.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bridge to Brews

Our favorite race was this get to run over the bridges of Portland and then have really nummy beer afterwards. This year Miss Francie ran with us. She slept through most of it but rallied at the party at the finish line and made sure to put on her "cool shades" to fit in with the band.

A for Effort

Our friend Dana is due in a week and is feeling like it would be fine if it was earlier. So....Brookie and I decided to take her on some bumpy roads and out for VERY spicy food. It didn't work, but Brookie and I managed to thoroughly enjoy our Coconut with Mango-Infused Vodka drinks despite the failed effort.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bowling with the Homies

We had Henry's birthday party today (his birthday is Sat). This was the first party Henry has let us have with friends -- in previous years he didn't even want the attention of us singing to him. Oh has he grown out of his shell! Per his request, the party was a bowling party and was a total blast. He got a new Rudy jersey today to wear (#5). Most of the kids game in shirts with numbers on them to honor Henry (how cute is that?) and Mark made really cool homemade coloring sheets to distract the kids while we waited for pizza. One of the best parts was that Brookie is here this weekend for our race tomorrow so she babysat Francie so that we could 100% focus on Henry. Awesome.

My Little Tulips

We went with friends to the Woodburn Wooden Tulip Festival. Acres and acres of tulips. They also had a "kid zone" with rides and for a part of a time, I wondered if we were ever going to get the kids actually out into the fields to see a flower. For the first time, my kids were not the dirtiest when we left....which I was VERY thankful as my friends' son had found a way to get into something brown...but not dirt. So lovely.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter and Grandma's Birthday

We had a lovely Easter. There is nothing better than watching your kids sprint for Easter baskets. Mass was wonderful -- we even got seats! We then went to lunch with my parents and Gordon to celebrate Easter AND Grandma's birthday. In Joanie's honor, Henry asked to wear the number "63". Afterwards he got to put with Papa, Grandma and Grandpa. Kind of the perfect day. Tonight I am going to Zumba (sp?) with my mom and her club...a little worried I might lose it laughing so hard.

Run of the Eggs

On Saturday, winter returned to Portland.....right in time for the outside Easter egg hunt at the Zoo. Henry made sure to wear his "fast boots" so that he could rip it up. Francie was scared by the whole thing, but got a sudden burst of courage when she realized that the eggs were filled with candy. Yee haw.

Egg Making Time

After some serious patience on Henry's part, we finally died the Easter eggs. Annual holidays are so neat when you have kids because you see how dramatically they have grown since the last year that you did the activities. This year Henry could write names, all his own, on the eggs. Francie on the other hand thought the eggs were shot glasses that she was supposed to smash down on the counter after she got enough color on them....we lost four in the process.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Golfing Buddies

Last Sunday, Mark went golfing with my I decided to take the kids golfing with his dad. Henry went through all his balls...quickly...and even brought a little "homie" to the course (see his underwear show). Grandpa also taught Francie how to hit and she LOVED IT! Later she wanted to ditch the driving and go to the real thing -- the course.