Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bowling with the Homies

We had Henry's birthday party today (his birthday is Sat). This was the first party Henry has let us have with friends -- in previous years he didn't even want the attention of us singing to him. Oh has he grown out of his shell! Per his request, the party was a bowling party and was a total blast. He got a new Rudy jersey today to wear (#5). Most of the kids game in shirts with numbers on them to honor Henry (how cute is that?) and Mark made really cool homemade coloring sheets to distract the kids while we waited for pizza. One of the best parts was that Brookie is here this weekend for our race tomorrow so she babysat Francie so that we could 100% focus on Henry. Awesome.

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Grammy Kris said...

Happy 5th Birthday, Henry! It looks you had an A#1 fabulous party.