Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bridge to Brews

Our favorite race was this get to run over the bridges of Portland and then have really nummy beer afterwards. This year Miss Francie ran with us. She slept through most of it but rallied at the party at the finish line and made sure to put on her "cool shades" to fit in with the band.


Michelle said...

Nice nip, DuBarry! (I thought this blog was g-rated :)Francie is too cool for school in her shades - I'm still laughing about how proud she was to show them off to everyone.

The Wells Family said...

I ran a 5K this weekend with Kara, Lisa and Jenn and then went out for a girls brunch (Bloody Marys)! Getting a beer at the finish that really sounds like a plan.
Francie is such a pip!!