Saturday, October 1, 2016

Outdoor School

A big part of 6th grade is going to Outdoor School....which means being away from home Sunday-Friday. Henry was nothing but thrilled and so excited...even though most of his friends were not going with him on this adventure - they were at different camps. I was so excited for him...but knew I would miss him. By mid week my heart literally ached. I am so not going to handle college at well. Maggie on the the other hand barely let Henry out the door before she tried to take over his room.   As a sign of success and how much he loved the week, on the way home I asked him if he was excited to be home and his response was "I kind of wish I could have stayed there for four more days". Alrighty then.

For his return back home, we had his favorite dinner, watched the Voice, and had chocolate cake. After tucking in the other kids and spending an hour next to him in his bed and hearing all about camp....when I went to sleep....the world finally felt right again.

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