Thursday, August 18, 2016

Friends Vacation...Hopefully the First of an Annual Tradition

I grew up going to central Oregon every year in August. It was a magical time in summer and a piece of my childhood I cherish. I distinctly remember the freedom of riding my bike everywhere, the smell of the trees, the glitter of the stars, and MANY MANY late night talks with my brother. We always went with other families. This year my parents are in Brazil and my older sister's kids start school and have school activities that start in August. So....we went to our "next" family and the Watson and Dalieden's planned a vacation with us to Sunriver. We rented adjacent houses in Sunriver. It was SO much fun and is the perfect family vacation. My dream is we keep adding in other friends with families and we take over a whole street or block in Black Butte or Sunriver and just have a big block party for a week. It was also the first time that Henry got to bring a friend on the vacation. thankfully it was our sweet Jack Kerrigan, whom I consider a 2nd son. So fun.

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