Thursday, July 23, 2015

Holla San Diego!!!!

Growing up I was very close to my cousins in San Diego. In particular, I was very close with Zack Peck's family. They had four kids too, similar ages to me and my younger brother. I lived with them for part of a summer when my family moved back to Portland and I wanted to stay for the summer to play for a basketball team. ONe of the kids, Jason - who is my age - lives in South Carolina now. So, when he comes to San Diego, I try and see him too. One other added bonus is I LOVE Jason's wife maybe I want to see her too...and they have three kids that are similar in age to my kids. This year, not only were they going to be in San Diego, but Zach retired after 40 years of coaching and they were throwing a big party. So, at the end of June the kids and I made a Cousin Voyage to San Diego with the kids (Mark had to stay home and work...and golf....) We had SO MUCH FUN. We had beach days, cousin days, and overall debauchery. Cousins rule. We even got to stay with the Worlie and see a whole other set of cousins. Again, cousins rule.

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