Friday, June 5, 2015

End of Year Magic

I can't believe that Maggie's first year of preschool is done. On one hand, she has grown SO much this year and developed such a strong sense of community with her class and an incredible bond with her teachers....and the other hand, I feel like it was yesterday when I was dropping her off and school and crying for 2 hours that my baby was out of the house. I know everyone is VERY sick of hearing me say it, but i cannot say enough wonderful things about Opal School and the amazing impact it has on my children. Maggie has flourished. Her joy has been honored and celebrated, her spirit cherished in the rich environment. 

They had their wonderful wish celebration where the teachers talk about each kid and then tell their wish for the child. I cried during the speech for each kid...all twenty....I cried when I hugged each teacher...they will never know how much I value and love them for loving our daughter.

We can't wait for next year!.....but I am also thrilled to have my baby back on Friday's for two months. 

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