Friday, May 15, 2015

Mothers Day 2015

Mothers day, as the kids get older, gets a bit interesting. Through cards and gifts, they express in their own way and through their own vantage point why they love me as a mom. I have to say, it seems to get sweeter and sweeter with each year. Henry is able to better articulate what he appreciates, while also being at that point in development where what he points out is interesting. Frances can write her thoughts in a way I can understand. Maggie is now part of a loving community that can help create a shared poem that she contributed to...."My mom smells sweet like bananas"...yup, that is me. I love being mom. I love, love, love being a mom. There is not one day that I take for granted the honor and privilege it is to be able to be the mom of these wonderful human beings. My cup runneth over. I also am very appreciative on mothers day of the mom I get to be because of the person I married and that I am raising our children. I truly feel that we are genuine partners in this art of being parents ....and having do the house chores that go along with THREE kids. Without Mark, I couldn't be the mom I love being and without Mark, our kids wouldn't be as lovely to mother.  I also am SO thankful for the moms that I am surrounded with in this wonderful journey - my loving army. I feel so blessed.

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