Sunday, March 15, 2015

Lordy Lordy Markie is Forty!!!

Mark turned forty this year and is fully ready to rock this decade like nobody's business. He is pretty amazing person at the young age of 40 - I am so proud of the person he has grown into and the person I see him continuing to strive to be.  He is a stellar husband and amazing dad. We had the weekend of Markie...minus some basketball games and birthday parties.

On Friday, he and I went to a wonderful place for happy hour and great food and then the Blazer game. We got a drunk hipster to take our picture...not good... :) 

Saturday he woke up to 40 balloons in the house and a homemade sign from the kids. Turns out fitting 40 balloons in a car is REALLY hard. The kids were HILARIOUS in coming up with 40 things dad food.....

We lunch at a brew pub with portions for NBA players, went swimming and then a low key dinner at home. 

Sunday Mark and I ran the Shamrock Run 15k and had brunch with my dad.

Thankfully the party keeps going for him. He went on a boys golf weekend in Bandon the 1st weekend of March and is going on another boys golf weekend, with a different group of boys, in late May. CELEBRATE!

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