Saturday, February 22, 2014

Such a sweet relationship

Henry's game was in a small gym with only one row for seats. Sweet Maggie has to go to at least two basketball games a Saturday. She is a trooper. Last Saturday though the small quarters was too much, so we went to stand on the other side - where the benches were. The game was nearly over and there were seats next to Henry, so while I was taking a picture, she crept over to Henry and this is what I caught. They have such an amazing and adorable relationship. 

Valentines Day Party

Kinder valentines day is awesome. They require each kid to write a valentine to the other kids to help them practice writing, and then at the party, reading. BEYOND adorable.  The teacher requires them to read a card, go and say thank you to the person, and then they can open the card. So the whole event is a criss cross of kids saying thank you. Frances has so many sweet kids in her class. SO FUN.

Monday Creation

One interesting thing about the snowstorm was that the kids played with neighbors they don't usually play with. I was really cool. The Monday they had off of school they spent the entire day building Igloos in front of each house. Overall great...minus Frances telling me she was building with "BEAUTIFUL yellow snow". Oh dear.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Epic Snow Weekend

Yup...I am using snowboarder language...this weekend was an EPIC winter weekend (I have been watching the Olympics and that Sage dude...).  We got a lot of snow (our first in this mild winter) and it just kept coming! The snow was really light and perfect for playing outside. Mark and I were like gitty kids, taking turns with who got to go outside and play or ski/board down our hill.  Henry came up with an Olympics and we have had a lot of metal ceremonies. Today, the snow is covered in a very thick layer of ice and is scary to go out on -- so not as fun, but beautiful...from inside. The melt is going to be nasty. I have a feeling we have two more days inside. Thank god we have enough space to play in different areas as I a feel a case of the stir crazy may be starting to approach...