Monday, May 26, 2014

Date with the Principal and Technology Teacher

We have an INCREDIBLE and full time technology teacher at our school. He is incredible at weaving in tools of technology into each class's curriculum. He writes small grants and get them. He finds very very cool things in the community and he figures out how to get the kiddos in there to see the wave of the future.  For an auction item, he and the Principal came up with an AWESOME idea of taking the kids to a "maker" shop.  The kids spent the afternoon at ADX.  ADX is a really cool maker shop downtown that incubates local maker/artist businesses and runs maker workshops for schools and corporations around the area. ADX provided a variety of materials and exotic woods. The kids sanded and prepped the wood, made a custom design on the computer, and then used the laser cutter to complete the design. Tesla joined the day as well. They brought two cars and taught the kids about them.....and let the parents test drive.....I was the only mom who took them on seats in the back and all :)

We broke our camera and the pics on my iphone for some reason don't come out so great, but here you go.....

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