Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Magic Tree House Musical

Henry is a Magic Tree House addict. As a family, we have listened to all the books on tape (AMAZING - read by the author) and so when we saw that the OCT was putting on a musical play based on one of the books we jumped at the chance. We took the whole family, post football game. I forgot the pants Frances was supposed to wear under her dress....so she wore her football shorts...but whatever. They loved it. Mark and I spent half the play just watching their eyes and thinking THIS is what is fun about being a parent. Afterwards they got to meet the cast and get autographs! We signed up for two more plays....we need to add in a little non-sporting events to our mix. 

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The Wells Family Antics said...

JEALOUS!!! Rich LOVES Magic Treehouse. Do they travel? Maybe the show will come to Boston?