Sunday, September 15, 2013

Let the Fall Games Begin!!!

With two sporty spice kids, are Fall weekends are now sports weekends. Thankfully, Mark and I actually really like sports and most of the games are at schools with parks for Maggie. I know I am singing praises now.... pre-rain....and pre-it lasting for two months, but I may as well look at the bright side.

On Friday nights we have kinder soccer and I get to be coach. We have 12 girls....and just I had to enlist reinforcements.......Henry and another 3rd grader who has a sister on the team. It was actually really really fun. They are very sweet girls and Frances has already made some good friends. The only slight disaster was an attempt at a scrimmage....epic a funny way.

On Friday night the 1st grade coach called and asked if Frances would play on their team. Given it was during Henry's game, we agreed. So, am game for Henry, pm game for Frances. She had a ton of fun.....and scored a ton of goals....the girl is an animal. Today she has football....yes, regular flag football....she is the only girl......and Henry has football too. 

So - if you are looking for us in the next month, look on a field or our mini-van :)