Saturday, July 11, 2009

4th of July in Manzanita


We were lucky enough to go to Grandma's beach house in Manzanita for 4th of July. We are hoping to make it an annual tradition. It was surreal going to the parade in town as we were there last year...with a three week old baby and all the cousins. Francie has changed just a bit. Rather than sleeping through the entire parade, she tried to burst through the crowds and be in joke. She is already practicing her "rose parade" wave. Grandma was in town and let Mark and I go out on the town...of Manzanita...for a night. We hit two places...the wine bar and the local animals.
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Lisa said...

How fun!!!! It is so good to see Joanie smiling and having fun especially after all that bedrest!!! Colleen you look great!!! Oh and Mark you look hot too:)