Sunday, November 20, 2016

Tis the Holiday Seasons

Gnomes are popping up everywhere...

State Tournaments

Both kids made the finals of the state tournaments. The games were really good and went to overtime and penalty kicks. Pretty amazing!!!!!!  Friends of Henry's who are not on the team, but in the same soccer club, even came out to cheer them on.

Wine Country 40th Bday

Our dear friend Emily turned 40 and we got to spend a day in McMinneville. SO. MUCH. FUN.


One of my favorite events our school does is Diwali. We have a large number of students at our school from India and their parents put on a WONDERFUL evening. The music teacher taught the kids traditional songs played during Diwali and there was amazing dancing. Joanie was actually in India last year for Diwali, so she came dressed in an awesome outfit from India.  My favorite part was watching Maggie dance with her classmate George. SO CUTE.

Gordon Turns 75!!!

Gordon hit a huge milestone -75!!!! 

After nearly dying and getting a heart transplant, he doesn't take the birthday's for granted. We feel so lucky to be able to treat him to a home cooked meal :)

Janis Playdate

We had a wonderful playdate with Janis --which made the world feel a bit right again. We met her at the park near her house and then went to the coffee shop that she used to take the kids. We love our Janis.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Plumper Field Trip

This happened a while ago...but just am able to download pics. One of my favorite field trips in grade school is the pumpkin patch. This year did not disappoint...even thought it was insanely muddy. So fun and so great to see Maggie with her classmates.

Mac Turns One!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mac's birthday happened to be right when the kids had school out. We decided to do what Mac loves best...and went to two different parks on two different walks. Then, we went to a bakery that specializes in cupcakes....even ones for dogs.

The kids were SO excited to celebrate their little baby brother. It is pretty amazing to see the love between kids and their dogs. He may have his wild moments and need better training from us, but he is a super sweet fella.

Halloween 2016

We were VERY last minute for Halloween this year. Thankfully, the weather was fantastic and the kids costumes came together perfectly...for us.

Henry = Payne Stewart -- a golfer
Frances = Tobin Heath - her favorite soccer player now that Abby retired
Maggie = A bride...with her american girl doll as her bridesmaid

Harvest Festival

Halloween in Public Grade School = No
Harvest Festival in Public Grade School = Yes

It was a fun event with crafts, apple tasting, and much more.

I wish I could live in a kinder class sometimes,

Maggie's First Soccer Season

Maggie's first soccer season ended with a BIG BANG. Her incredible coach got trophies, had a ceremony, and EVEN had a BLOW UP CAT for the final "run through a tunnel of high fives". She set the bar VERY high. I was considering volunteering for coach next year.....but I don't even do snacks...

Date Night with Frances at the Blazer Game

The Blazers are back in action - wahoo!!! Frances and I went to our first game of the season. During Half Time we decided to go to the third floor and explore the "kid zone". So FUN! we might need to do that every game.

Maggie the Sideline Mama

Soccer season is always a fun one...and a challenging one to come up with fun ways to entertain Maggie as she watches her brother and sister's games. Thankfully - she is so stinkin funny and loves to read...and she loves Nutella.....