Sunday, May 22, 2016

Big Doings for Maggie

Sweet Maggie -- always showing up and experiencing things in the unique way that she does even though she is the third child/

1) Soccer. She took a soccer class. At the end they gave a shirt and medal. She was OVER the moon. Wore her medal all day long. Too cute.

2) She begged and pleaded to go to the Father/Daughter dance...something Frances found ludicrous. She and Mark had the best time and she was on cloud nine the whole next day.

Jeffrey's Visit

My cousin and Maggie's godfather made a visit to Portland from Michigan. He is amazing about making time to visit and is so earnest about his role as Maggie's godfather. I wish he lived closer :( That said, we packed in a lot of fun stuff and had a great time. Amazingly, with all the warm weather, the Rose Garden is in full bloom....which normally happens in July...beautiful and scary all at the same time.

Carnival - Henry's Last at FPE

Our lovely and amazing PTA puts on the Forest Park Carnival. It is pretty incredible. A tradition at the school is that 5th Graders get to do an obstacle course. Again...enter in the was finally henry's turn....He had a wonderful night - such friendships he has developed. The night ended with the most perfect sunset - sign :)

Janis Foodie Date

Maggie didn't have school...and when the kids don't have school we try and plan a playdate with Janis! Janis had an appointment so Maggie and I went on a long and lovely hike with Mac first. Then, she was able to meet us for lunch at a Pine Street Market, which has received rave review. It is very Chelsea Market style...ala NYC. Super nummy and fun. Best part = Seeing Janis.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Start the Tears

Henry's school has a wonderful tradition of having an "art walk" where each kids writes a poem that is placed on a gorgeous frame with their picture. I read every childs and had tears in my eyes the whole time. Such wonderful and incredible kids he got to share his grade school experience with - it is pretty amazing.


I went to Chicago for work. Running in different cities is one my favorite things. That said, when I got to Chicago it was raining, I was running on very little sleep, and my hotel was actually 45 minutes from the city - by train. After letting myself have a pity party, I decided to buck up and just go in. SO HAPPY i did as it was so fun. 

Marvelous Mothers Day

I had one my favorite mothers day of all time. The kids made an amazing book of poems and  pictures. Frances's picture of me had kale in my teeth. Then we had a whole outdoor day. We went for a long bike ride and then i got to paddle board on the Willamette. BLISS.

Maggie First Loose Tooth

Maggie lost her first tooth. Yes, she is 4..and 3/4 as she will like to explain...and she lost her first tooth. She was SO excited... and I was sentimental. My favorite part of the whole experience was taking her to the dollar store to spend her money from the tooth fairy. The pride on her face was priceless.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Baptism to Communion - A lot Growing in my baby girl :)

Frances's First Communion

Frances had her first communion. She worked really hard for this important milestone and she was so proud of herself and REALLY excited...minus having to drink wine...which she declared "WAS DISGUSTING". She has done two years of classes with her good friend Samantha, so it was fun to see them make this rite of passage together. Frances was also SUPER lucky to have both of her godparents in town for her special day - It meant so much to her and to our family that they both made it there for her. We picked some good folks :) We then had a party at the house and even Aunt Brookie and the boys game. Bliss.

My Baby + Kinder Round Up = Lump in My Throat

Maggie has her kinder round up at school. She was so excited, it was hard not to have a huge smile on her face. She walked quite proudly up to the door, saw a friend, and sat down and started to work. What happened to my baby? The best part was Henry pretended he had to go to the bathroom so he could see her in the classroom, since he won't be at that school next year. Sniffle. Sniffle.