Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Great Wolf Lodge

Back at the beginning of the year I went through all the days the kids don't have school and blocked them for vacation. In October, I offered to Henry that we could go to Great Wolf Lodge in April (on a day he doesn't have school) if he wanted to do that instead of a bday party. He IMMEDIATELY jumped on board. 

I have to say, parents scared me a bit about the whole thing.

That said, we had a blast. The kids loved all the swimming, our room with a "log" cabin, and the best part...... a TV in their room.....and "vacation mama" let them watch the Masters in bed. Hilarious.

So glad he picked it...I will take a family vacation ANY time.

JoJo's Bday Party

My funny, spunky, thoughtful, kind, and wonderful goddaughter had her bday. 

The girls HAD so much fun...and well....not gonna lie...I kind of liked going on the jumpy house stuff too :)

Epic Easter 2015

We had a pretty amazing Easter. The weather was GORGEOUS. We got to do mass with our close friends the Watsons, brunch at the club with my parents and Gordon, putting contest, and then a easter egg hunt at Providence Park with the Watson family again. My favorite part of the egg hunt was how Maggie was on a mission to get....BOOKS...not candy....the mini-books.

Spring + Portland = GORGEOUS

I loved visiting San Diego....had SO MUCH fun at the beaches...and then loved my return to Oregon. Spring here is magical.

Campanella Cousins

The Campanella's are family to us. Aunt Pat met my mom their freshman year and they have been BFF ever since. Aunt Pat has three girls...all of whom are close to the Peck girls in age and spirit/sense of humor/and everything else...and they live in San Diego. Our kids call each other cousins. I literally have sore cheeks EVERY time I hang out with them.  We got to see Chris's new house, play in the pool, and an epic session of karaoke. Bring it. 

Beach, Play, Beach, Play, Repeat

For Spring Break we went to San Diego. Everyone asked us if we were going to the Zoo, Legoland, Seaworld. Nope. We just wanted time to play with our kids, no schedule, and no need to be anywhere at any time. I love our life and I love our activities and I loved the idea of having a couple of days of none of it. Just us, playing....and well, some March Madness thrown in there.