Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

We were lucky enough to spend Thanksgiving with my parents. My mom loves her Turkey. This year she let me do the sides....went a little overboard......we had seven sides. Everything just sounded so good!  Auntie KK is in town (aka the kids are in HEAVEN) and Grandpa Gordon came too. It was lovely. The night ended with my mom teaching Frances the "Gangum Style" dance. I nearly peed my pants. I thought I got it on video, but turns out I only got 20 seconds...and most of it is me snorting from laughing so hard.  FYI: The picture below is my impression of Martha Stewart...needs some work....

Turkey Bowl

Some of Henry's friends started the first ever Turkey Bowl.  It was so cute. I hope it is an annual tradition where the boys & girls meet to play touch football. Since it was beautiful, we took the girls too and a wonderful time outside while the "da bird" cooked.

Turkey Trot 2012

The Turkey Trot is one of FAVORITE traditions. This year was great because Mark and I got to run by ourselves first.....hello fun date....and then we picked up the kids and they did the Turkey Trot. Frances saw one of her favorite friends from school...and they compared their splits. Afterwards, we walked around the zoo, which is just a magical place when you go with Maggie. Her excitement is CONTAGIOUS.

Kids Having > Annoying Clean Up

I got a package that will filled with lovely Styrofoam.....the kids immediately attacked it. I went to stop them....... and then I decided, what the hell.....let them be kids. They had a BLAST. It was completely and totally a pain in the ass to clean up, but so worth it for the smiles on their face.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Gordon's Birthday

It is Gordon's birthday. His birthdays are always a bit emotional as the first one he spent with us in Portland was very shortly after he got his new heart.  That said, he is now healthy and happy and the kids (and we) feel VERY lucky to have him here. All three made him card. Henry's card included a word search, word games, and some golf and football trivia.

Last Football Game = Playoffs = Big Time

Sunday was the last football game. While a small piece of me is VERY happy to not have soccer every Saturday and football every Sunday, Henry has thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.  The last game was on the turf field at Tigard High School -- holy exciting. Henry brought his a-game. Seriously, hilarious.  He is in the red shorts (Maggie and I were hiding from the rain in the stadium -- so kind of far out). The stud coach in the grey jacket is Mark.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Random Awesomeness

I was cleaning out my email and founds these three pictures in the emails. One is of Henry's football team, Henry with his two BFFs at golf camp, and a PRICELESS picture of Maggie that Janis....notice the position of the book.  

Two Football Players, A Ladybug and a Lion

For Halloween Henry decided he wanted to be a football player. is standard lately..... Frances wanted to be a football player. In order to represent the Oregon teams with love, Henry chose to be an Duck and Frances chose to be a Beaver....but because she felt like she was leaving something out - she wore a Duck hat. Maggie wore the Ladybug costume that Frances wore. We were lucky to enough to have Brookie, Josh and sweet Oscar over too -- and he was the CUTEST lion EVER. It was hilarious to see Oscar look at Maggie....and then Maggie look at Oscar. So confusing that the baby looks like an animal! Frances said "I noticed they are both babies, and both animals". Nothing like preschooler recognition. Brookie got some great pics ( Have I mentioned how much I LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that she lives here now so that we do this fun parenting stuff together?