Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hood to Coast 2012

Before 200 miles and 3 runs

After 200 miles and three runs

Some other fun pictures:

Hood to Coast was "interesting" this year. We had eight of our 12 original runners drop out....including one of our runners VERY soon to the race. Thankfully, it all worked to create a wonderful, fun new group of runners. We had an awesome time and despite sleep deprivation and sore thighs, we are ready to go again!


Nothing is better than cousins.....nothing. Proof -- these pictures.

Black Butte Again

When I was little we used to go to Black Butte every year the second week of August. It is one of my favorite childhood memories. This year, my sister Jenny and I decided to start the tradition again and we still rocks! We plan to do the FULL family next year. There were many highlights, but Henry facilitating a "Olympics" with all the kids was probably one of my favorite parts. He held a number of "events" at the pool, house, field, and track and kept a running tally of each kid and their number count. We also got to play with Loo's (my sister's best friend) kids - which made the trip even more fun!